James Boraski

 James’ 2009 CD – “NVR2L8” (Never Too Late) was a featured work at Canada’s Northern

House by the NWT Arts Council at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

 James’s 2013 CD – “Comin’ Home” was nominated as International Release of the Year by

Wasser-Prada Magazine in Germany; and by Blues411 in the USA

 “Comin’ Home” won the Thunder Bay Blues Society’s “Best Self-Produced CD” contest, and

was 1 of just 75 CDs from around the world representing Thunder Bay at the January 2014

International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee

 James’ “Comin Home” CD finished in several National and International Top 10 / Top 20

Charts for 2013; ranking as high as #6 by the Blues Underground Network

 James’ Acoustic Duo – “Pair of Six’s” won the Solo / Duo Category of the Thunder Bay Blues

Society’s International Blues Challenge Competition, and they traveled to represent

Thunder Bay at the January 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee

 In February 2015, James was inducted personally as a songwriter, and also with his full

band – James Boraski & MomentaryEvolution – into the American Heritage Blues Hall of

Fame in the USA

 In May 2015, out of more than 3500 entries from across Canada, “James Boraski &

MomentaryEvolution” made it into the Top 220 Bands in Canada in the National CBC

Searchlight Contest for Canada’s Best New Artist

 James was nominated for a 2015 Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Award in the Performing

Arts Category.

 Since arriving from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in 2011, James, his bands and his

music have made a very strong impact within the Thunder Bay music scene

 His full 7-piece band – “MomentaryEvolution” – has opened the Thunder Bay Blues Festival

twice in the past 3 years – in 2014 and 2016 – and they have also headlined shows at the

Fort William Historical Park, The Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, Summer