How do you say the word “Acouskins”?

It sounds like the first half of the word “acoustic” followed by “skins”. A-KOOS-KINS

Why can’t I purchase products on your website?

We at FUNctional Accessories are committed to fostering the music community that lives within music stores and education centres. While some of our products may be available online from select FUN Stores, we aim to bring budding musicians together in places where they can learn, jam, and form groups together. For those of you who prefer to hang at home in PJs surfing cool stuff on your phone or laptop, join our online community and get in on #funmusic16!

In that case, where can I purchase your products?

You can find the dealer closest to you by using our Store Locator.

How do I become a registered dealer of FUNctional Accessories?

Start by visiting our Become a Dealer/Distributor page and telling us a bit about yourself.

Do you sponsor touring artists?

We are currently accepting applications for bands and artists touring Canada in 2016. Download the Artist Sponsorship Application and submit to info@acouskins.com

Do you sell guitars, ukuleles, or other instruments?

True to our name, we deal exclusively in accessories. Occasionally we will partner with instrument manufacturers for contests & promotions; however, if you’re looking to purchase a new instrument, we’d suggest visiting the FUN Store closest to you!

Where are your products manufactured?

Acouskins are proudly Made in Canada. We do our best to source products locally, but in some cases it’s just not possible. If you are curious about the origin of a specific product line, please contact us.

Where might I find free stuff, product news, and invitations to special events?!

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